Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Update on the ProLo!

As of October 1, 2012 The Project Lodge left its longtime spot at 817 East Johnson Street. The good people at Good Style Shop moved in, & their independent spirit and creative energy marks the ideal evolution of that address. 

We are still seeking a new home with good acoustics, plentiful light, and 1700+ square feet on the Near East Side of Madison- if you know of a great space, let us know! 

Keep an eye on widiy.org for future shows at alternative spaces- and check our Facebook profile for updates as to our future home.

In the meantime, you can reach Bessie Cherry at 608.354.2587 or bessie.cherry@gmail.com.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

ART: Marvel House, Sept 22-29

Four local artists and the Project Lodge present: Marvel House. This week-long exhibition explores the brilliance, allure, and ethical complexities of the circus world and imagines the gallery as spectacle. Olivia Baldwin, Jessica Doing, Katie Garth, and Sigrid Hubertz will show works of a variety of media, including drawings, paintings, prints, and installations. Come one, come all, and experience the final exhibition in this ProLo space.

The exhibition will run from September 22-29, with an opening reception to be held on Saturday, September 22 from 6-9 p.m. Light refreshments and entertainment will be provided.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

FRIDAY Aug 24th: Giant People (Last show), Naomi Punk, The New Years Gang, The Boneyard

Join us at the Project Lodge for Giant People's LAST SHOW and for the awesome touring Naomi Punk from WA.

Giant People (Garage-Pop-Punk)


Naomi Punk (Punk-Grunge)

The New Years Gang (Scuzzy-Punk)

The Boneyard (Bad-Ass Rock)
7:30 PM $5 ALL AGES

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

FRIDAY Aug 17: The Garza, Things Falling Apart, and Tyranny Is Tyranny

The Garza is Madison scene vets dishing out unrelenting heaviness: Nate Bush (ex-Droids Attack), Shawn Blackler (Bon Squad, ex-Brass Tacks, ex-Striking Irwin), Magma (ex-Pachinko, ex-Bongzilla).

Things Falling Apart (not to be confused with the Madison band of similar name) is from DeKalb. A collective noise-orchestra that smears post-rock from the perspective of Bitches Brew rather than Mogwai. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Things-Falling-Apart/104967962926653

Tyranny Is Tyranny is a side project helmed

by Russell and Jason of The United Sons of Toil. Tyranny is simpler and heavier than USoT — more post-metal than post-hardcore. Like USoT, Tyranny is influenced by the 90s noiserock of Amphetamine Reptile but also draws inspiration from the post-rock/post-metal hybrids of bands like Cult of Luna and Fall of Efrafa. As hinted at by the titular homage to historian Howard Zinn, the lyrical themes are an excoriation of capitalism.

SATURDAY Aug 18: Bryan Eubanks, Cat Lamb, Wilhelm Matthies, Noxroy

NOXROY (Empire, WI)


Bryan Eubanks (b. 1977, WA.) is a musician focused on collaborative improvisation, solo musical projects, and generative sound installations. Primarily active within the traditions of experimental and live electronic music, he works with unstable instruments of his own design that incorporate open-circuits, samplers, radio transmission, feedback, digital synthesis, the soprano saxophone, and other acoustic instruments. His compositions and installations involve practical research into computer music, generative composition, electronics, and sound localization in an effort to bring into being situations that examine transformations in the perception of sonic space/time.

Catherine Lamb (b. 1982, Olympia, WA.) is a composer/violist exploring sound through intimate ensembles and solo work. She is interested in microscopic color variances in (mostly) narrow bands, often with an ever-opening form. She is interested in the elemental/spectral interaction between tones and their shadows, between beings. She works with the phenomenological dimensions of quiet perceptual/sensual layers moving in and out of presence, as a being moving in space.

Wilhelm Matthies, based in Kenosha, Wisconsin, focuses on developing homemade instruments blending ideas from various world instruments. The purpose is to open performance possibilities that tap into such histories yet reveal the newness of the instrument and the new performance situation. He is, at the same time, developing compositional strategies that both accommodate the non-standard tuning, sonic qualities and playing characteristics of these instruments, but also allow other players to participate with the musical intent using relatively standard instruments. The composed improvisations feature cyclical variations. This compositional strategy thus allows the music to be written, performed, edited and listened to on many metaphoric levels, but always dealing with aspects of the theme of eternal return or impermanence.
Here's a photo of his homemade instrument the "kokeka": http://combustus.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/wilhelm-matthies.jpg

Noxroy is the solo guise of All Tiny Creatures guitarist Andrew Fitzpatrick.

Friday, August 3, 2012

TUESDAY Aug 7: Open Mike Eagle w/ Milo

doors: 7:30/ music: 8:00
$5 cover

"The Chicago-raised, Los Angeles-based rapper is the best kind of revolutionary: He's so subtle that you might miss exactly how damning his words are if you aren't listening closely. A gifted satirist riffing on everything from Viacom-sponsored minstrelsy, to girls with asymmetrical haircuts, to the myopia of pop culture..." LA Times
On Pitchfork

"...Milo is on to something. His amazingly crafty and intelligent writing skills are definitely driving the boat, while his bored "oh hey I just thought of something" delivery sits shotgun and hands him cup after cup of herbal tea. I'm both fascinated and honored to have heard this when I did." - SYFFAL

Open Mike Eagle & Milo reviews on the Needle Drop:

Event on FB

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Interview with Technicolor Hearts

This Friday August 3rd, The Project Lodge welcomes indie electro-pop duo Technicolor Hearts from Austin, TX.  We spoke to Naomi and Joseph of TH and here’s what they had to say.

For those who don't know anything about Technicolor, what can you tell them?  How long have you been together?

Technicolor Hearts is a new band from Austin, TX. We've only been playing shows for about 8 months but we've played in many
previous projects namely Agent Ribbons and Death is not a joyride.  Naomi plays violin and sings and Joseph plays guitar, keyboards,
synths, and programs drum machines.  We are both visual artists so in addition to being a band, Technicolor Hearts is like an art project
for us.  We enjoy creating a visual landscape to accompany our music and include elements of performance art and audience participation.  Mainly, we like to have fun.

You guys are on the road from Texas.  What do you miss most about your home state?

Food! We are super health conscious eaters and are used to having access to organic vegan food
24 hours a day at some of our local Austin eateries but it can be challenging to find good stuff on the road sometimes. Especially late at night. When we're on tour we live out of a cooler and make food from scratch in the car pretty often. 

How long have you been on tour?  Where are you going?  What else can you tell us about the tour?

This is week 3 of a 6 week tour.  We've been through the southwest, west coast and northwest and now we're headed through the midwest. This is our first tour of this scope and we've met a lot of interesting people and new fans along the way.  So far the small towns have been especially supportive and enthusiastic.  Eureka, CA and Pocatello, ID were particularly awesome!

What have you been listening to in the van?

Actually, to make touring affordable and stay eco-friendly, we tour in a small compact car.  Its one of the perks of playing in a 2 person band!
Recently we've been listening to St. Vincent, The Knife, Connie Converse, movie soundtracks, Disney sing-a-longs, and some stand up comedy. The new Frankie Rose album is pretty good. We also picked up some music from friend bands along the way: Yoko OK, The Monster Women and The Lost Lockets to name a few.

How did you each get your start in music?

Naomi comes from a family of musicians. Her mom, little sister and little brother also play violin. She started playing violin at age 11 in the school orchestra. She was classically trained, played in orchestra through college, and began playing in bands at age 18. Joseph picked up playing guitar and keyboards mainly leaning how to play them himself as a teenager. Both of us have played in and toured with a few different bands in the past few years.

So, you're coming to the Project Lodge here in Madison on Friday August 3rd.  Have you played Madison before?

Naomi played at Project Lodge once with her last band Agent Ribbons, but this is the first Madison show for Technicolor Hearts.

When coming to Wisconsin, get excited for good beers.  This isn't really a question.

Naomi actually does not drink, but Joseph and our tour manager Lizzie will definitely get ready to enjoy some tasty beers when we get there.

Do you guys home record, or...?

For our EP, we collaborated with our friend Eric Martinez at this really nice little studio in Austin called East Side Tone. We recorded some parts ourselves and he helped us with the rest.

Do you have any thoughts on why cassettes are more of a thing again now?

Nostalgia is definitely a factor for anyone who grew up in the 80's or 90's.  Also it's a fun way to share your music that you can make at home other than CDs or mp3s. Since vinyl is so expensive to make, tapes can be a great alternative for a band going for a warm lo-fi sound.

Can you think of an exceptionally bad show/tour experience from the past?  How about a good one?

We are a pretty new band, and have been pretty lucky so far so no exceptionally bad shows to talk about really. One of our best shows so far has been getting to open for Zola Jesus at a sold out venue in Austin! We felt really good about our set and both Zola Jesus and Talk Normal sounded great and there was such great response from the crowd for everyone's set.

What comparisons to other bands do you usually get from people who see your shows and listen to your music?

These are some of the ones we've heard...Bjork, The Knife, My Bloody Valentine, Beach House, Zola Jesus, but I don't know how much we feel like we sound like some of those artists.

What bands do you love?  What bands do you find you tend to emulate, whether you like it or not?

There are definitely a lot of bands we listen to a lot that are doing things that really inspire us. Recently we'd probably say it would have to be bands like Bat For Lashes, St. Vincent, Portishead, LCD Soundsystem, Joanna Newsom, Tune-Yards, CocoRosie.

What's the next thing Technicolor Hearts are working on?

After we finish the tour we hope to get a little bit of a break to work on new music and hopefully a music video. We would like to do maybe some regional dates before the year ends and then we really want to start focusing on writing a full length album.

Finally, when the Technicolor Hearts movie gets made one day, who will play Naomi and Joseph?

We are really hoping for an animated film. Maybe something surreal like Yellow Submarine.

Be sure to catch Technicolor Hearts this Friday August 3rd at The Project Lodge when they are joined by Madison’s own Problem Child, The Wets, and also The Mommies and Chud. (FB)

Tom Teslik

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

FRIDAY July 27: We are the Willows, Bone & Bell, Pioneer, Phox

doors 7:30
music 8:00 sharp

"Miller has a voice that is reminiscent to Joel Thibodeau of Death Vessel, as it sparkles with ambiguity and a sweet, buttery topping, offering these tender sentiments like the steam from a life-preserving cup of morning coffee, on a morning when you can look out the window and see that everything's frozen solid." - Daytrotter

BONE & BELL (chi)
"Epically chill bump inducing... These are the beautiful doldrums, or the spooky leftovers from something mysteriously charged that make you sit still and soak it all in." - Daytrotter


"Dynamic ripples of Jacqueline Kursel’s cello rise and fall over Monroe’s wandering chord progressions, as his low, quivering croons float across the top. From the seasick waltz of “In Summertime” to the neo-folk sweetness of “I Like You,” it becomes clear that Monroe has still found a voice of his own within a crowded genre." - The Onion AV Club

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

ART: July 12-20th, Thomas Zickuhr & Sam Johnson

Thomas Zickuhr:
Inspired by graffiti, cartoons, and a post apocalyptic landscape, tomz. blends neon glass with painting, sculpture, and a sarcastic belief that we will not be ok.
He has had his work on the walls inside cities such as Denver, Chicago, Milwaukee, and Madison. He currently resides in a bomb shelter under the streets of capital city with his wife, two dogs, two cats, two fish and a irradiated frog.
twitter: @tomzartspace

Sam Johnson:
Over the past 9 years Sam has produced hundreds of screen-printed gig posters and set up numerous art events in the Madison and Milwaukee area under the name of Firecracker Studios. Currently living as a jet-setting world traveller he makes his way from place to place by taking his suitcase for a walk as often as possible. Sam ALSO has two cats but no fish.