Every Sunday evening: Comedy Showcase at 7:30PM

July 12-20: Thomas Zickuhr & Sam Johnson
July 14: Thomas Zickuhr & Sam Johnson Reception, Time TBD
July 28-August 4: Adeline Peck & Friends
July 29: Adeline Peck & Friends Reception 1-7pm



Fr July 13: Batcave, Boss Keloid
Th July 19: Good Field, Randy Boys
Fr July 20: Robby Hecht (Nashville), Anna Vogelzang, Count This Penny
Sa July 21: Leverage Models, In One Wind, Golden Donna
We July 25: Surrounded By Reality presents: Five Dollar Ferrari (Brooklyn)
Fr July 27: Pioneer, Phox, We Are The Willows (MN), Bone & Bell (CHI)
Sa July 28: Rob Reid (Chicago), Ferdinand the Bull, TL;DR


Fr Aug 3: Technicolor Hearts (Austin), Treefort, Problem Child, The Wets
Sa Aug 4th: Jackraasch, Adelyn Rose, Pushmi-Pullyu, Oedipus Tex
Fr Aug 10: Fake Natives, Treefort, Dakotas
Mo Aug 13: Kevin Greenspon (Los Angeles), Slow Loris, Sapropelic Pycnic (Kathleen Baird)
Fr Aug 17: Terminal Orchestra, Tyranny is Tyranny, John Praw
Sa Aug 18: Thomas Wincek & Andrew Fitzpatrick, Cat Lamb, Bryan Eubanks, Wilhelm Matthies
*last updated 7/11/12

ARTS: Friday Dec 2 - Monsters of Poetry
MUSIC: Saturday Dec 3 - Anna Vogelzang, Moon High, Dietrich Gosser, Page Foster
MUSIC: Sunday Dec 4 -Drainolith (AIDS wolf), Nate Young (Wolf Eyes) & Golden Donna (Joel Shanahan)
MUSIC: Saturday Dec 10 - MadKings
MUSIC: Sunday Dec 11 - Private Party
PROLO: Friday Dec 16 - Control, Laarks
ARTS: Dec 19 - January 19 Justin Gleicher, Photos from Peru
MUSIC: Thursday Dec 29 - Kalispell
ARTS: Thursday Dec 30 - Justin Gleicher, Photos from Peru Reception
MUSIC: Wednesday January 4 - The Brown Bottle Flu & TBA
MUSIC: Saturday January 7 - The Pheonix Philosophy & TBA
MOVIE: Saturday January 28 - Everything is Terrible's "DoggieWoggiez! PoochieWoochiez!"
ARTS: Wednesday Feb 1-8, Evan Bradbury & Friends
ARTS: Friday Feb 3, Monsters of Poetry 7:30pm
ARTS: Saturday Feb 4, Reception for Evan Bradbury & Friends 7pm
MUSIC: Wednesday Feb 15, Jon Dee Graham 7pm
MUSIC: Friday Feb 17, WaveForms + Tom Teslik 7:30pm
MUSIC: Saturday Feb 18, Le Roy, Echo Island, Tom Teslik & Fambly Fun 7:30pm
MUSIC: Sunday Feb 26, LiL iFFy 8pm
MUSIC: Fr March 2: Breathe Owl Breathe w/ Cedarwell + Pioneer
ARTS: Tu March 6 CraftLodge
MUSIC: We March 7: Unicycle Loves You w/ Crane Your Swan Neck
ARTS: Su March 11 CraftLodge
MUSIC: Tu March 13: Doby Watson w/ Tom Teslik + The Ugly Brothers
MUSIC: Sa March 17: Dastardly w/ Icarus Himself + The Lonesome Savages
ARTS: Tu March 20 CraftLodge
MUSIC: Th March 22: We Are The Willows w/ Dietrich Gosser + The Ugly Brothers
MUSIC: Fr March 23: Spring Monsters of Poetry w/ El Valiente
MUSIC: Sa March 24: The Haters, Panicsville, Mumber Toes, Clark County Buzzkill, Zzzaxx
MUSIC: Th March 29: David Ramirez w/ Daniel and the Lion
MUSIC: Tu March 27: The Steel Wheels w/ The Oak Street Ramblers
MUSIC: Fr March 30: Eliza Rickman w/ Mega Deft + Cait Shanahan
MUSIC: Sa March 31: Spiral Joy Band w/ Black Eagle Child + Noxroy + Jivas
MUSIC: Sa April 7: Christopher Paul Stelling w/ Nick Brown + TBA
ARTS: Sa April 21 Andrew Christensen and Evan Bradbury
ARTS: Sa April 28 Courtney Hall Reception, exhibition April 24 - May 2
ARTS: Tu May 1-7 Vintage Pop-up Shop
ARTS: Su May 6 Book Club
MUSIC: Fr May 25: Winn Dixie with Count This Penny
ARTS: May 12th-26th: ProLo Spring Art Show
MUSIC: We May 30: Paul Otteson CD Release
MUSIC: Sa June 2: Ami Dang + Problem Child + Drunjus + DJ Tolerance
MUSIC: Mo June 4: C.J. Boyd, Weather Duo
ART: June 11th-25th: Alejandra Perez
ART: June 15th: Alejandra Perez Reception 7-10pm
MUSIC: We June 6th: Alexander Trust (Baltimore), Christ vs Krishna (Toronto), and PC Allen (Madison)
MUSIC: Fr June 8: Yohuna, Truman Peyote, Czech Mate
MUSIC: Sa June 9: Facetime (CD Release) & Glacier
MUSIC: Mo June 11: The Sea The Sea, Paul Otteson, Evan Murdock
MUSIC: Sa June 16: The River Whyless, Anna Vogelzang, Siblings, Dietrich Gosser
MUSIC: Th June 21: Little Legend, Young Jesus, TBA
ART: June 29 - July 6: Lines in Time Art Exhibit
ART: June 30: Reception and "Hopesick" album release party 5-10pm  
MUSIC: The Lost City Music Festival (presented by Mine All Mine) exists to celebrate local and regional music in Madison, Wisconsin. The first ever festival will take place July 5th - July 8th, 2012. 
MUSIC: We June 27: Useless Eaters, The New Villains, Treefort
MUSIC: Tu July 3: The Anchorite
MUSIC: Mo July 9: Andrew Weathers Ensemble (Chapel Hill), Dressed Up