Monday, January 2, 2012

WEDS Jan. 4 Brown Bottle Flu, Jerome and the Psychics, GIANT PEOPLE, Ferdinand the Bull

The Brown Bottle Flu (Bloomington IN)
From their formation in early 2011, The Brown Bottle Flu has gained the attention of many in the greater Bloomington Indiana area. The trio consists of Sharlene Birdsong who pours her rage into the driving rhythm of the drums, Alex Molica capturing the simple and barbaric ways of playing the guitar, and Jared Coyle who ties it all together with the resemblance of a freight train on the Bass guitar. With each of their shows they bring the raw nature of T-rex's love child, late night drinking, broken hearts and liberation from anything that imprisons your soul.

Unassuming and adorable, Giant People play jangling, unhinged pop rock in the best way possible, without regard for blown-out vocal cords, stomping over empty cans at a basement show. On this year’s Giant EP, singer/guitarist Tyler Fassnacht bounces his charmingly ramshackle voice off every sonic wall, even summoning some Frank Black caterwauling on “The Steve Irwin.” But when the bass and drum find perfect lockstep behind the shambling guitars on the near-perfect “Hannah, Hannah,” it’s as pure of heart as any ’90s college radio rock you can find then or now. (the AV Club)

Ferdinand the Bull (Madison)
Self-described "Psychadelic Jungle Gospel Punk" dats wassup

Jerome and the Psychics (Bloomington IN)
Jerome and The Psychics are ex-patriots from Brazil and England, now existing and making music in Indiana. They play guitars and drums and anything else they can find in the basement of their house. The sound is proto-garage, with added pop sensibilities and a dash of spaz. The lyrics are in Portuguese, stuff about girls and religion and dreams and boredom. People are normally disgusted and confused by their live shows. They have released a tape only EP on NGR Records and have a bunch of cool new tunes prepared for public consumption.

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