Wednesday, February 1, 2012

FRIDAY: March 2nd, Breathe Owl Breathe w/ Cedarwell & Pioneer

doors: 7:30pm
music: 8:00pm

(limited advanced tickets available, contact to reserve your ticket**) 

Breathe Owl Breathe
"As Breathe Owl Breathe, Michigan trio Micah Middaugh, Andréa Moreno-Beals and Trevor Hobbs sound as intimately familiar with woods and wild as their band name suggests, but there's an air of cosmopolitan sophistication, too. Their forest-paced, guitar-and cello-grounded "Playing Dead" has the careful, modern approach to folk production of rustic post-rock ensemble Califone, and Middaugh's weary vocal also braves Palace Brothers' Southern haints." - Pitchfork

Cedarwell’s Erik Neave well embodies his northern heritage. Sheboygan, Wisconsin, should be proud of such a wonderfully full beard, such tough flannel shirts and darkly twisted, acoustic-pop songs that seem to ride nature’s very rhythm. Crisp clarity and addicting genuineness hibernate Neave’s voice somewhere in the back of your memory, somewhere where it can stay for a long, long time, constantly reminding you that this is Wisconsin, and winter never really ends.

Pioneer "Dynamic ripples of Jacqueline Kursel’s cello rise and fall over Monroe’s wandering chord progressions, as his low, quivering croons float across the top. From the seasick waltz of “In Summertime” to the neo-folk sweetness of “I Like You,” it becomes clear that Monroe has still found a voice of his own within a crowded genre." - The Onion AV Club

**Reserved spots at the show will be good until 15 minutes after the show is scheduled to start (so until 8:15pm). Then spots will be given to people trying to pay at the door.**

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