Friday, May 4, 2012

EVERY SUNDAY: Comedy Showcase

7pm, every Sunday!

Local Madison Comics Chris Lay and Jay Abbondanza are launching a new weekly stand-up comedy showcase at the Project Lodge!

The first week of every month will be "The Method Behind the Madness" where the audience will get to hear local stand-ups perform and then host Jay Abbondanza will interview them about where their jokes come from. This will also be recorded for a podcast available on iTunes.

The third week of every month will be a themed storytellers night where Madison’s funniest will have the chance to stretch their legs and share personal stories from their lives. Think Madison's answer to The Moth, and you're getting the gist.

The second and fourth week of every month will be as standard a stand-up showcase as Madison’s best comics can offer, occasionally highlighting touring comedians and comics from Milwaukee or the Twin Cities.

The overall goal of the showcase is to allow the people of Madison a chance to see the local comedians in a new context, as story tellers, and highlight the art that happens on the standup stage. Come out and be a part of Madison’s comedy scene.

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