Thursday, December 15, 2011

MONDAY Dec 19th: Deconunisms, The Watercourse 4tet feat. Ephemeral Art Dance Troupe

Monday, December 19 8:30pm

Surrounded By REality Presents and evening of jazz, new music, and free improvisation by two new bands: Deconunisms and the Watercourse 4tet.

Deconunisms is a new trio that explores extended improvisation within and without traditional forms. Features the talents of Luke Polipnick (guitar), John Christensen (double bass), Devin Drobka (drums + percussion).

An unconventional string quartet, the Watercourse 4et plays music that ranges from sparse and meditative, to pulsating and driving, to textural and unnerving. Consisting of Pat Reinholz (cello), Ben Willis (double bass), AJ Grimm (guitar), and Brian Grimm (cello and guqin 古琴), they draw from the traditions of Western classical, free improvisation, eastern meditative music, and flamenco. The members have extensive and diverse experience in improvisation, concert music, avant-garde performance, as well as composing for dance, theater and film. Enjoying the challenge of adapting to whatever space they perform in, they also incorporate performance art elements. shying away from no possibilities.

In a very natural pairing, Watercourse will be joined by members of the Ephemeral Art dance collective. Ephemeral Art is made up of exceptional students from the UW-Madison School of Dance, and they specialize in spontaneous creation and site-specific performance.

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